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Speaker 2021

Adriana González Gil

Conversionrate-optimization through neuromarketing

Experts-Panel: The role of neuromarketing in the future

Adriana is a marketing and neuromarketing expert from Venezuela with experience as researcher and professor of neuromarketing at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, and as Head of Neuromarketing Research at Sfera Business in Bucharest. She has collaborated in Neuromarketing consulting projects for companies of industrial sectors such as fashion, food, cosmetic and 1st division professional football, all oriented to increasing sales in online and offline channels. She also has her own marketing agency in Spain with clients in Europe and USA. Neuromarketing is always the heart of her projects and she loves to also implement it in design and digital communication.

Bronwyn Wood

How neuromarketing techniques can be used to better market B2B solutions

Bronwyn is a clinical psychologist with a special interest in neuropsychology with more than ten years’ experience in neuropsychological testing and rehabilitation, as well as a strong background in philosophy. Bronwyn has applied her psychological skills to branding and content and has worked as a branding consultant for more than two years. Using her knowledge of visual and semantic processing and human decision making Bronwyn adds value through incorporating the psychology of the customer in brand messaging. Basically, she helps translate brand messaging and imaging into a language to which our minds respond.

Cassandra Andruszko

Neuropsychology for B2B & B2C

Cassandra, Gründerin von Casmedia, sammelte seit 2015 durch nationale und internationale Social-Media-Projekte praktische Erfahrungen im Social-Media-Management. Ihr Wissen mit einem Master-Abschluss in Markt- und Werbepsychologie ergänzte sie durch vertiefte Kenntnisse im Neuromarketing. Mit den erworbenen Fähigkeiten gründete sie 2019 ihre Social-Media-Agentur „Casemdia“ mit der sie Neuromarketing & Social-Media-Management verbindet. Sie und ihr Team beraten und unterstützen Unternehmen bei der digitalen Vernetzung und Kommunikation auf Social-Media-Plattformen wie LinkedIn, Instagram und Facebook. Gemeinsam mit dem Kunden konzipieren sie die digitale Kommunikation sowie die Social-Media-Strategie des Kunden und begleiten sie während des gesamten Umsetzungsprozesses. Dabei ist das Neuromarketing immer eine wichtige Grundlage.

Christoph SchĂĽning

Experts-Panel: The role of neuromarketing in the future

Christoph SchĂĽning is the managing director of the Cleverscent GmbH and Braindriven Marketing. As an industrial engineer, he came into contact with the subject of neuromarketing during a university research project, where he noticed above all how seldom companies use the potential of neurosciences in their corporate communications. After completing his studies, he focused on the topic and decided to found the Cleverscent GmbH, a company that covers two particularly innovative areas. Cleverscent itself is a fragrance marketing agency with fragrance solutions for the point of sale and, in the near future, package fragrances and fragrance printing. With Braindriven-Marketing, a brand was created that supports companies in implementing neuromarketing and focuses on the topic of neurotracking using artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jonathan Mall

How to create headlines & texts which inspire action

Experts-Panel: The role of neuromarketing in the future

Jonathan T. Mall worked in the field of big data and semantic marketing optimization after completing his doctorate in neuropsychology. He is a so-called “brain hacker” and now heads a marketing strategy tech startup ( supported by Microsoft Ventures, which enables copywriting and marketing optimization with artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide. The company is focused on the area of ​​neurological associations and how to write headlines, CTAs or all other kinds of texts which emotionalize target customers and enhance their willingness to consume or buy a solution. With the experience of over 7 years of using neuromarketing in practice, it was possible to develop a tool that makes the basics easy to use in copywriting using artificial intelligence. Learn from our speaker Jonathan Mall how neuromarketing and big data can help you break through your communication!

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus MĂĽller

B2B Neuropricing

Kai’s core area of expertise and research are the impact of psychology and neuroscience on pricing decisions and the perception of prices. He has masterminded the development of NeuroPricing™, a research tool which uses EEG brain scans to analyze willingness-to-pay. At Neurensics, the leading international agency for consumer neuroscience, Kai has been appointed as Director of Pricing Research to manage R&D of the neuroscientific and digital pricing research program. Before being promoted to professorship, Kai worked for several years as a start-up entrepreneur, as a pricing consultant with global management advisors Simon-Kucher & Partners, and as a neurophysiologist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience.

Michael H. Wood

How neuromarketing techniques can be used to better market B2B solutions

Experts-Panel: The role of neuromarketing in the future

Michael is an accomplished, results-driven marketing executive with >25 years’ c-level experience including owning an agency for 15 years. Michael has deep B2B experience in communication, positioning, content, branding, and strategy across several verticals. This insight, and a balanced and foundational post graduate education complement, allows Michael to add value through neuromarketing communication techniques in the B2B-tech space, with a particular emphasis on solution positioning messaging. Michael has a keen interest in the convergence of technology.

Niklas Le Fevre

Keynote: Neuromarketing & How to use it in the daily business

Niklas is Co-founder and head of marketing at Braindriven-Marketing. Neuromarketing has always been an interest of his and he has continuously focused on learning and applying its knowledge throughout his career. During and after his degree in economics he has worked in the marketing departments of different companies, acquiring a lot of practical experience and deepening his marketing knowledge.

Since founding Braindriven-Marketing, combining the neuromarketing discipline with a data-driven approach, he and his team have organised the Neuromarketing Conference 2020 and the International Neuromarketing Days 2021 with great success. Niklas will give the Keynotes as he wants to ensure that everybody gets the most important fundamentals of neuromarketing – knowledge which can be very useful to understand all the presentations & workshops at the Neuromarketing Conference 2021 completely.  But he will also add practical hacks and examples to his presentations.

Raquel Fructos

How to create emotions & experiences that sell and build up longterm relationships to customers

Raquel, known as neurorachel, is a marketing and neuromarketing expert since 2005 and CEO of The Smart Bubble, a neuromarketing agency.

At the agency, she develops neuromarketing studies applied to digital and communication strategies. As a digital international consultant, she has guided plenty of national and international companies through the branding process in order to create their brands and optimize their marketing activities.

She enjoys creating holistic concepts based on neuromarketing and focuses her work on neurobranding and sensitive marketing.

Her mission consists on “democratizing neuromarketing as a new growth hacking tool”. In addition, she is very passionated in showing colleagues from marketing the power of neuroscience for communication.

Sabrina Lehmann

How neuromarketing helps to plan & implement efficient marketing campaigns

Sabrina is a branding and neuromarketing expert who has been working as a brand strategist at red pepper since 2010. At the agency, she focuses her work on neurobranding to close the gap between business strategy and emotionally captivating brands – for customers as well as for employees. She started specializing in this human centered field of expertise during her studies of economics and marketing. Whereas she continues to develop holistic brand positioning scenarios as well as communication strategies for companies from very different industries, she loves creating inspiring brands in complex B2B- and B2C-environments. As an experienced business trainer, she has guided various companies through participatory branding processes from the very first idea until the internal and external roll-out.

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