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Program 2021


10th November 2021 – Main Stage

Talks in English ⎮ Attendance via Zoom ⎮ Recording will be made available


09:00 - 09:15


By Fernando Le Claire, Moderator

How you will get the most out of the day

Fernando will explain the most important information about how the day is structured and what every participants need to know.


09:15 - 10:15

Keynote: Neuromarketing & How to use it in the daily business

By Niklas Le Fevre, CMO Braindriven Marketing

The fundamentals of neuromarketing & how to use them

Niklas will give an short overview about what neuromarketing is and how neuroscience can help to improve communication activities to customers or also internal.

He will explain how our brain is structured and why emotions are that important in marketing and also to sell products. In addition, he will give a short overview of how Neurotracking works and what we can do to implement neuromarketing in our daily business.


10:30 - 11:30

How to create emotions & experiences that sell and build up longterm relationships to customers

By Raquel Fructos, CEO thesmartbubble

What did we learn from neuroscience about how to create emotions & experiences?

Many marketers know that positive emotions and experiences are important to sell products or services. But within the last decades, we learned a lot about how to create them and how they influence our buying decisions.

Raquel will tell you how she uses Neuroscience to create these emotions & experiences and will also give exciting examples.


11:45 - 12:45

Experts-Panel: The role of neuromarketing in the future

Adriana Gil | Christoph Schüning | Dr. Jonathan Mall | Michael Wood

How will neuromarketing change in the future? And how will it change marketing activities in genreal?

There is a lot of development in the area of neuromarketing within the last years. Maybe it is because neuromarketing is based on science about our brain – and we just started to understand how it works.

But a fast development means that there are also new innovation which use new knowledge to improve communication activities. And these innovations will be presented in this panel by the experts who are working with or on it.



13:45 - 14:45

Neuropsychology for B2B & B2C

By Cassandra Andruszko, CEO of CASMEDIA

How to use psychology for an efficient communication to potential customers

Marketing & communication are made by people for people. And people are non-digital beings who very often act and also buy irrational. Psychology tries to understand how & why people do what they do and therefore scientist as well as clever marketers found psychological methods to communicate efficiently with potential customers.

Cassandra will give an interesting overview about several neuropsychological methods which can improve the marketing activities of B2B- and B2C-companies. As an expert for social-media-management she will also give many examples from media where psychological methods and their impact can be seen very fastly and direct.


15:00 - 16:00

Conversionrate-optimization through neuromarketing

By Adriana González Gil, Neuroscience Specialist Sfera Business

How neuromarketing can be used to improve the conversionrate of websites & shops

The conversion-rate shows how good a shop or a website is selling its products or solutions. And the website is always the foundation of all marketing activities. So as higher its conversion-rate is as higher will be your turnover and therefore overall profit in the end.

Adriana will present how we can use specific methods from neuromarketing to proof your website and optimize its conversion-rate. She will present exciting examples and show you how the presented methods can be used in practice.



16:30 - 17:30

How neuromarketing helps to communicate key information

By Sabrina Lehmann, Head of Strategy red pepper

Several neuromarketing-tools & how to use them

In a world of complex communication dynamics, it is not easy to choose the right methods and channels to communicate the most important information to employees and customers. Neuromarketing provides us with a lot of useful tools and practical indications to improve marketing activities.

Sabrina will share key learnings from her practical experience as a marketing consultant and will give you insights about how to use neuromarketing methods to communicate better and more effectively. 


17:30 - 17:45


By Fernando Le Claire, Moderator

Important topics to close off: Organisational & Introduction to the Aftershow Networking

We will inform you when and how you will receive access to the materials, recordings and certificates. Additionally, Fernando will give an introduction to the Aftershow Networking and how it will be operated. We recommend you to participate in the networking, since the exchange between each other is ever so much more important since COVID.


17:45 - 19:00

Aftershow Networking

Moderated by Fernando Le Claire, Moderator

Moderated & Relaxed Networking – For a good exchange during COVID times

Networking is an essential part of regular conferences. We want to provide you with an informal but exciting exchange between the conferene participants and speakers. To facilitate this, we will use the break out room functionality within Zoom and set up a moderated networking session, that allows you to meet many different participants throughout the evening. We are excited to get to know you during the Networking!

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10th November 2021 – Workshops

Workshops in English ⎮ Small interactive groups ⎮ Attendance via Zoom


11:45 - 13:15


By Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller, Neuropricing Specialist & Lecturer

Tips of how to use neuroscience & psychology to better use pricing in B2B marketing

The price is one of the most important argumets for a buying decision. And the pain of price is also one of the strongest drivers against a purchase. So presenting the price of a product or solution in a way which leads to good emotions for the potential customer can help increase sales and therefore the overall profit of a company. Prof. Dr. Müller will give an overview of how to use neuroscience to better communicate prices and create an efficient pricing strategy.


13:15 - 14:45

How neuromarketing techniques can be used to better market B2B solutions

By Bronwyn Wood & Michael H. Wood, Head of Strategy ontwerp

How to use neuromarketing in the B2B marketing & communication

In B2B marketing there is a commercial relationship between two companies. However, people still represent these companies. Impulse buying in B2B is uncommon. B2B buyers and decision-makers, nevertheless, do have impulsive reactions to marketing messages. Global B2B brands know this. 


15:00 - 16:30

How to create headlines & texts which inspire action

By Dr. Jonathan Mall, CEO Neuroflash

Neuromarketing in copywriting – how to use neuroscience in headlines & texts

Headlines, CTAs, texts – language and words are a part of almost every marketing activity or asset. That´s why there are many studies from neuroscience which found out how words can be used efficiently in marketing.

Jonathan as an expert in neuroscience & copywriting will give an overview of how neuromarketing can be used to create heandlines and texts which inspires action like a purchase. And as the CEO of a very innovative neuroscience company he will give also actual examples and ideas of how efficient texting can be very easy in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a workshop and a talk?

During a talk, the experts share their knowledge with the audience for 60 minutes. The latter has the chance to ask questions – however, it is not possible to interact directly with the speaker or to use a chat.

The workshops are interactive presentations in a small group. The topic is dealt with more intensively and the participants can interact with the speaker at any time (e.g. via the chat). In addition, many speakers also use the opportunity to set small tasks & thus make the presented knowledge applicable for the participants.

Why are the workshops and the main stage taking place at the same time? Will I miss anything?

No – nobody will miss anything that interests them! We will record the main stage and make it available for all participants to review after the event. So if you take part in a workshop, you can watch the lectures and panels that took place during this time afterwards.

Where will the NMC 2021 take place? How do I register?

The NMC 2021 is an online conference. The main stage can be followed live via Zoom or Youtube. We use the Zoom software for the workshops. You can register on our ticket page.

Is there a way to attend the conference free of charge?

Unfortunately, there is no way to take part in the conference completely free of charge. We charge a conference attendance fee to offset organizational expenses.

We refrain from financing through sponsored content in order to be able to offer the highest possible quality.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, starting from 3 participants we offer volume discounts – because as a group you take in more and it becomes easier to apply what you have learned in your company. We are happy to support that! Simply write us a message at:

When & how do I receive the access information after the purchase?

We will send the access information for the main stage & the booked workshops to all participants 14 days and again 1 day ahead of the conference to the participant’s email address given during the registration. In this way we ensure that the access information can be found quickly in the mailbox. If you have any technical issues, please contact: