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Digital Neuromarketing Conference 2021


Your Return On Investment

Higher Conversionrate

Neuromarketing helps to optimize your marketing activities and increase the conversion rate through using scientifical kowledge.

More efficiency in communication

Neuroscience can help to understand customers better and precise our external communication which makes it more efficient.

deeper customer loyalty

A more efficient communication will lead to more loyalty because customers feel well understood.


An Exciting Discipline

What makes our marketing more effective? An important factor is understanding the customer – a challenge every company faces. And the more we understand our customers the less money we waste in ineffective marketing  or communication activities. So what is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a marketing discipline. It is the combination of neuroscience and marketing and aims to understand how our brain is working and how we can use this knowledge to optimize our communication activities. It is the key to understand customers. And for this event we not only focus on the anatomy of brains. We also include behavioral science and psychology to create a complete understanding of how we can make efficient marketing for our customers.

All our talks and workshops will be given by experts of neuromarketing, neuroscience and psychology. They have experiences in both marketing and science and will share valuable knowledge with you.